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Rust has tubas now


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The headline says it all: Rust, the game about waking up naked and alone on a strange island, mere hours away from death due to exposure and starvation, now has tubas. And not just tubas! The game's first paid DLC, announced last month, also includes a piano, a drum kit, guitars, a trumpet, a pan flute, and other cobbled-together instruments—all of them fully playable—of the sort you'd expect to find on a Gilligan's Island with guns. I'm sure no one will annoy anyone with these.
The Rust Instrument Pack goes for $10/£7/€8 on Steam (although it's 10 percent off until December 12), and in a nice touch you don't need to own the DLC in order to enjoy the tunes. You'll have to purchase the pack to be able to craft the instruments, but once made they can be shared between all players or taken off of corpses as regular inventory items. Static instruments are also available on a new music stage in the Compound so everyone can give them a try.

Unlike the squeezebox and fiddle in Sea of Thieves, for instance, which play preset tunes on a button press, these instruments in Rust can be manipulated more finely: "They all use a completely overhauled music system that allows you to play specific notes (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) across multiple octaves," developer Facepunch explained. And if you happen to have a MIDI-compatible device lying around you can plug it into your PC and use it to interact with the instruments in a more musical manner. The acoustic guitar already in the game has also been converted to work with the new system.

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